Google Grant New $2.0 Maximum CPC Bid

On January 28, 2013, Google increased the maximum cost-per-click bid from $1.00 to $2.00 USD on keywords. This sounds like good news, right? It is good news but here’s the second part of the announcement as stated in Google’s email to Google Grantees: “Second, to balance the interests of businesses who pay to advertise on Google search, your ads will now appear below the ads of traditional AdWords advertisers”.

As a nonprofit, you can take advantage of the newly raised $2.00 CPC bid cap but your ads will appear below the ads of businesses, or even some nonprofits, who pay to advertise on Google search. How will this affect an ongoing nonprofit AdWords account? We will be closely monitoring the data going forward to see how this plays out. My guess is that it will increase impressions, decrease click-thru-rate and lower the average ad position. Meanwhile, the following are recommendations from Google to optimize your Google Grant ad spend.

Optimization Tips from the Google Grantee email:

To make the most of your Google Grants spend, find our top tips below:
1. Create Successful Ads
Use call-to-actions, include keywords in your ad text, direct users to the most relevant page of your website, and highlight what makes your organization unique. Learn more here.

2. Improve Your Keywords
First, read our tips on how to build the best keyword list.
Second, improve your keyword Quality Score, modify your keyword match type, or remove low-performing keywords from your campaign entirely.
Third, if your keywords are highly competitive, think outside-the-box. For example, if your ad isn’t showing on the first page for a competitive keyword like ‘breast cancer’, experiment with variations such as ‘breast cancer website’ or ‘breast cancer San Francisco’.

3. Organize Your Account for Success
A well organized account can help you easily see which ads and keywords are performing well, monitor changes, and edit campaigns quickly.

Contact us if you need help with your Google Grant account.